on Oct 28, 22

Even Quitting is Expensive

Inflation is driving up the cost of everything in our lives, including getting healthy. Eating right, working out, and quitting unhealthy things such as smoking and vaping are right at the top of that list. Zippix can’t do much about the first two but does quite a lot for anyone looking to reduce or eliminate smoking for significantly less than alternatives. After all its just wood.   

Zippix – Affordable Quit Smoking Alternative   

First, Zippix is fraction of the cost of vaping and common over the counter and prescribed nicotine products. How much less? A lot less. Visit ZippixThoothpicks.com for full pricing and options.   

The Challenge  

The challenge is simple. Get the junk out of your lungs. Put down the smoke or vape and pick up a Zippix toothpick. Or try Zippix in replacement of your other nicotine products. See how much you save and just how amazing Zippix work. And each time you have a Zippix, you’re one more step closer to a healthier life. 

Eco Quit Smoking Product?

Zippix keeps it simple and affordable using pressure infused wood toothpicks. Trash butts and vape gear, none of that here. Zippix just a little piece of wood. Nothing for mother earth not to like.    

About Zippix

Zippix is one of the few established companies offering a real alternative to nicotine inhalants, candy-like, or non-decomposable quit smoking products. Using natural wood tooth-picks we help those looking to for a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to live a more lung neutral and healthier life. 


Please visit: https://zippixtoothpicks.com/pages/faqs 

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