on Oct 18, 22

Lung Neutral for National Lung Cancer Month

November 2022 is Lung Cancer awareness and Lung Health Month. To do our part to raise awareness for lung health issues Zippix announces our “Lung Neutral” initiative. 


What is Lung Neutral? 

In short, it’s about getting the junk out of your lungs. Seems simple enough. Yes, we will always be exposed to the environment around us. There isn’t much we can do about that, but we can eliminate smoking and vaping. Both put junk in your lungs. Zippix has helped deliver nicotine products without the junk over the years with something as simple as wood. 


The Amazing Zippix Toothpick 

Reduces harmful chemicals in the lungs. Reduces or eliminates smoking and vaping. Natural nicotine absorption. Adapts easily to regular smoking habits. The Simple, Logical, Ecological next step to a better, lung healthy and a more lung neutral life.   


About Zippix

Zippix is one of the few established companies offering a real alternative to nicotine inhalants, candy-like, or non-decomposable quit smoking products. Using natural wood tooth-picks we help those looking to for an inexpensive, simple and effective way to live a more lung neutral and healthier life. 

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