on Oct 25, 22

Proud Supporters of Lung Heath Month - October 2022

Zippix is a proud supporter of Lung Cancer awareness and Lung Health Month. We encourage smokers and vapers to take up the call to action this month. Increase lung health and become more lung neutral starting now. 

Becoming Lung Neutral, Quit or Reduce smoking

The fewer inhalants we put into our lungs the more lung neutral and the healthier we become. Zippix use of natural wood toothpicks, pressure saturation, and outstanding grown-up minded flavors is a simple and much less costly solution for a smokers or vapers lung health. 

The Challenge  

The challenge is simple. Put down the smoke or vape and pick up a Zippix toothpick. And when you’re done, you’re one step closer to a lung neutral healthy life. 

Eco Quit Smoking Product?

Zippix are toothpicks. Trash butts and vape gear? None of that here. Zippix just a little piece of wood. Nothing for mother earth not to like.    

About Zippix

Zippix is one of the few established companies offering a real alternative to nicotine inhalants, candy-like, or non-decomposable quit smoking products. Using natural wood tooth-picks we help those looking to for a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to live a more lung neutral and healthier life. 


Please visit: https://zippixtoothpicks.com/pages/faqs 

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