Zippix® Small Batch - Shiners/Pirates/Pioneers: Whiskey+Clove+Sweet Wood Bundle

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Take advantage of our 3 great Limited Time flavors with the Shiners/Pirates/Pioneers Combo Pack! This combo pack comes with 100 Sweet Whisky, 100 Spice Island Clove, and 100 Sweet Wood flavored nicotine infused toothpicks. Zippix Toothpicks are a great way to get your fix anywhere, anytime.

  • Sweet Whisky & Sweet Wood flavors contain 3mg of nicotine per toothpick
  • Spice Island Clove flavor contains 2mg of nicotine per toothpick
  • The cheapest way to try all 3 of our small batch flavors
  • Combo Pack comes with a free Carry Tube