on Aug 31, 22

Your Zippix Stories

Recently we asked our customers to share their Zippix stories, and we got some really excellent responses! Everyone's story is as unique as they are, and we loved hearing how our toothpicks are being used. You can check out some of our favorites below, and you're always welcome to submit your Zippix story to us by email at zippixstore@gmail.com.


"I decided to order Zippix when it was recommended by one of my favorite comedians during a podcast. I had been struggling to find a way to feel comfortable when I was forced to quit vaping due to issues with my breathing that had developed over a span of 5 years, and Zippix sounded like something that would be helpful for me. I ordered the variety pack and after some time I found that my cravings to smoke had whittled down, becoming slim to none. Now when I meet people my age struggling with the same issue I recommend Zippix because in the end, I really think it helped me. 

Thanks guys!! I know Zippix aren’t necessarily intended as a ‘quit smoking product,’ but I realized just the other day how much it really helped me in the end. Vaping became an oral fixation for me and I found that the toothpicks solved that issue unlike other options."
"I am a 38yo mother of 3. I smoked off and on for 24 years. I have asthma and still smoked everyday. My kids hated me smoking. The smell, the ashes all over the car, needing to stop for "smoke breaks", all of it. I tried patches, gum, inhalers, medication; all of it made me sick. I wasn't a heavy smoker so they were too strong for me. Anyway, I saw an ad for Zippix toothpicks and thought "well, I haven't tried these yet". I bought several flavors and decided to give them a try. I was able to fully quit after just 3 months of using Zippix!! I couldn't believe they helped! I could breathe better, no more cough, no more smelling like an ashtray lol. My kids are thankful and so am I. Thank you so much!!!
" I’m a soldier. I’m expected to be able to perform off little sleep for certain periods. Whether it’s staying awake during guard shifts or driving a large vehicle through the night without proper rest I can count on Zippix toothpick’s to keep me alive. I never smoked or dipped but still wanted the advantages nicotine gives for alertness. I think a lot of people overuse nicotine with the high dosage you get from dipping or the fast absorption from smoking/vaping but that these toothpicks mix an appropriate dose and rate of absorption that prevents me from getting addicted."
"Amazingly, I've stopped dipping chewing tobacco. I've had a 20 year off and on addiction to it, mostly on. I accidentally stopped, i had been talking to a friend who had a Zippix Toothpick in his mouth, he told me what they were and offered me a pack which i took. Within two weeks time i stopped dipping completely. I had no intention to stop, none, it just happened naturally. Before i knew it I was done dipping. I've tried to stop over the years but just couldn't do it. Its been about 4 months that i haven't had any dip, amazing. Thanks."
" I started vaping to quit smoking but still packed a lip when I couldn't vape. Zippix have now gotten me off of tobacco products 100% of the time. The wife loves it so I can steal kisses again."

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