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great product

Wish i knew about it years ago.

Really Great

I really like the BIG version. These taste great and are the best nicotine replacement I have found.

Helped me kick vaping!

Been completely off of vaping for 2 months now. Made the switch and haven’t looked back! Love the toothpicks!

Great product, highly recommended

These toothpicks helped me successfully quit smoking cigarettes ! They provide a “kick” that satisfies cravings and even has an enjoyable taste. I’ve tried both nicotine toothpicks and energy toothpicks. Highly recommend!

A friend offered me some, they tasted great so I had to order some. I think this is a great alternative to smoking and definitely a way to quit smoking in general. This company even took time to write me a personal note. Thank you zippix staff.

Big Whisky Toothpicks!

It would be nice to have Mocha in big also

Quit smoking

These work great and will help me quit cigs thank u!

Great product

Great product with cinnamon was 3mg

Curbs the nic fix

Great tasting sturdy toothpicks that take care of you fixing of nicotine. Make sure you pick up one of their containers!


Amazing flavor that lasts *forever*, no harsh burn or tingling like other brands. I've officially been cigarette free for 10 years, these help keep my record going strong

Best flavor

Best flavor I've had yet!

Not as flavorful as past ordered

This flavor bundle was lacking a bit in flavor and seemed a bit dry. Usually they are still wet when they arrive but not this time.

5 stars

Love the cinnamon flavor!

Excellent to crub cravings

Peppermint watermelon is the bomb!

Good product based off prior purchase, this time not as good.

I enjoy these toothpicks, however upon receiving this pack many of the toothpicks lacked flavor, while others were good. The inconsistency was considerable which had not been my prior experience with the mocha flavor.

Love these toothpicks!!

I got these toothpicks and it really does help my nicotine cravings. It also gives me some taste to go along with having a toothpick

Never disappointed

The best

I roll with the mocha flavor. Zippix toothpicks help keep me moving during my days off and keep me awake during long drives for work. Great with coffee!!!


I use the zippix toothpick while I am driving Uber for hours. Only complaint I have is they don’t come in larger sizes than 100. Great product found your company because of

Great taste and keeps me busy

I started slowly buying zippix a year or so ago and have been using them as a fidget / anxiety reducer / oral fixation when i’m looking for a snack. they’re great and ill keep buying them, i know you get a lot per pack but my only negative is sometimes you get some fractured or splintered, then some dry, then some super solid and soaked that are great. so just a tab inconsistent but not a big deal

Worth it

Healthier approach for sure


I would like for a stronger flavor and a little bit more nicotine. Zippix has helped me reduce smoking

A perfect replacement.

As someone that used to use chewing tobacco and then nicotine pouches these toothpicks are a great alternative that don’t hurt my gums.