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1. How do nicotine toothpicks work?

Our toothpicks are infused under pressure with nicotine and flavoring. Using a Zippix Nicotine Toothpick allows the nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

2. How do I use nicotine toothpicks?

Simply place the toothpick between your cheek and gums and the infused nicotine will enter your bloodstream. Lightly chew and/or suck on the toothpick. Feel free to swallow your saliva while using our toothpicks, but DO NOT swallow the toothpicks.

3. Are nicotine toothpicks safe?

We cannot make any health or safety claims regarding nicotine toothpicks. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. Please consult your doctor for more information.

4. How much nicotine is in a nicotine toothpick?

Each of our toothpicks contains either 2mg or 3mg of nicotine, depending on the flavor.

5. Where can I buy nicotine toothpicks?

Great news, you can buy them right here on our website! Click Here to view and purchase Zippix Toothpicks.

6. Do nicotine toothpicks work?

Yes! Zippix Nicotine Toothpicks will allow you to get your nicotine fix anytime, anywhere. Even in places where you can't smoke, dip or vape.

7. Where can I use Zippix?

Pretty much everywhere! Use them at bars, restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, on flights, on the job, on the couch and more. Get your fix anywhere with Zippix Toothpicks.

8. What flavors do you offer?

We have 6 great flavors you're sure to love. Mocha is a smooth chocolate flavor that goes great with your morning coffee. Cinnamon is an invigorating burst of spearmint and cinnamon. Mint/Melon pairs the classic taste of peppermint with a refreshing hint of watermelon. Sweet Whisky toothpicks taste like they were crafted right from the cask of your favorite bourbon batch. Spice Island Clove is an incredibly rich flavor that reminds you of tropical island spices. Sweet Wood contains only Nicotine (3mg) and Sweetener, making it sweet with a slight bite.

9. What's the deal with the subscription plan?

Our subscription program is the cheapest and easiest way to have Zippix delivered to you each month. Choose the flavor and amount you want, and we take care of the rest! Plus, you will enjoy a 10% discount on all of your subscription orders. It's easy to change quantities or flavors, and of course you can cancel anytime.

10. Why should I choose Zippix over other nicotine toothpick brands?

Simply put, our nicotine toothpicks are just better. Our flavors are amazing, and since our toothpicks are infused under pressure, the flavor lasts longer as well. Our toothpicks are quality tested by independent third party labs, and all of our flavors are FDA registered. Also, our customer service is second to none.