• Your Zippix Stories

    Your Zippix Stories

    Recently we asked our customers to share their Zippix stories, and we got some really excellent responses! Everyone's story is as unique as they are, and we loved hearing how our toothpicks are being used. You can check out some...

  • Do Nicotine Toothpicks Work?

    Do Nicotine Toothpicks Work?

    We bet when you first heard of nicotine toothpicks, your first thought was probably wondering if they even work. If you ask our customers, you'll find the answer is a resounding yes. Nicotine toothpicks are a great way to curb...

  • Where To Buy Nicotine Toothpicks?

    Where To Buy Nicotine Toothpicks?

    As Nicotine Toothpicks grow in popularity as a great alternative to smoking, dipping and vaping, a common question is where is the best place to buy them. While there are currently several stores that carry nicotine toothpicks, the best place...