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on Oct 28, 22

Even Quitting is Expensive

Inflation is driving up the cost of everything in our lives, including getting healthy. Eating right, working out, and quitting...

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on Oct 25, 22

Proud Supporters of Lung Heath Month - October 2022

Zippix is a proud supporter of Lung Cancer awareness and Lung Health Month. We encourage smokers and vapers to take...

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on Oct 18, 22

Lung Neutral for National Lung Cancer Month

November 2022 is Lung Cancer awareness and Lung Health Month. To do our part to raise awareness for lung health...

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on Aug 31, 22

Your Zippix Stories

Recently we asked our customers to share their Zippix stories, and we got some really excellent responses! Everyone's story is...

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on Apr 12, 22

Do Nicotine Toothpicks Work?

We bet when you first heard of nicotine toothpicks, your first thought was probably wondering if they even work. If...

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on Apr 12, 22

Where To Buy Nicotine Toothpicks?

As Nicotine Toothpicks grow in popularity as a great alternative to smoking, dipping and vaping, a common question is where...

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