How Zippix Work

How Zippix Toothpicks Work
With over 20 years of satisfying nicotine cravings, Zippix simply works!

1. Each toothpick is infused under pressure with delicious flavor and 2 or 3mg of nicotine.

2. By placing the toothpick between your cheek and gum, you expose the infused ingredients to the perfect spot for absorption into the blood stream.

3. Zippix is a time-released sublingual delivery system developed by custom-compounding pharmacists to satisfy your cravings fast. The toothpick also supports oral gratification with great flavor to mask the bitterness of nicotine, and leaves you with fresh breath.

4. Enjoy a pack......and join the numerous smokers who have tried everything, and found Zippix as the most effective, affordable nicotine substitute available!

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