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  • Zippix Flavor Bundle Pack | (60 Nicotine Toothpicks)
  • Zippix Flavor Bundle Pack | (60 Nicotine Toothpicks)

Zippix Flavor Bundle Pack | (60 Nicotine Toothpicks)

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Try our three main Zippix flavors with our 60-count Flavor Bundle Pack! The Flavor Bundle consists of three 20-count packs -- one of each main flavor! This Flavor Bundle does not come with a Carry Tube by default.

Mocha: This is one you need to give a try. 

The smooth, chocolate coffee flavor is a great way to get your nicotine fix in the mornings and really complements a cup of coffee in a way we can't do justice trying to describe here.


Cinnamon: The timeless classic.

While being super excited to launch better tasting flavors for nicotine toothpick lovers is what got us started in the nicotine toothpick business - we knew we had to NAIL a great tasting flavor that everyone could enjoy.

We really think we hit it out of the park with Zippix Cinnamon Nicotine toothpicks. 


Peppermint / WatermelonZippix is extremely proud to present this Mint-Melon toothpick, our favorite creation. 

It's a little fruity without being overbearing and minty enough to leave your mouth feeling fresh. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sara Longson

Better than zyns

Mike Bailey
These are great

I wish I could use these because they helped very much as far as nicotine cravings but my stomach is sensitive to Sucralose and I didn’t realize that was part of the ingredients. If sucrose doesn’t bother you, these are an excellent aid, with excellent flavors.

Jarrod Stigner
Honestly, blown away

I received these over a week ago, and I willingly admit I was slightly skeptical. From the moment I opened the package, I could smell the flavors permeating. All I have to say about the flavors is- WOW. So far, cinnamon and mint watermelon are my favorite, but I'm excited to try more.

The nicotine is just enough for me. Not too much, not less. Just right, but obviously it depends on your intake.

Very affordable.

Overall, 10/10. Can't wait to order more.

Definitely take the edge off

Really good at taking the edge off. I definitely smoke less when I use these. Only problem I have with them is I feel they leave a film like substance in my mouth after I have them in awhile . They hold flavor for a couple hours too. I’m not 100% ready to quit smoking yet but when I am I have no doubt these will be what gets me through it.


My mother has COPD and has to quit smoking. 60 smoking since she was 11, gums pouches patches etc. all give her stomach aches or rashes, Zippix is the inky thing that hss been a good replacement for her (hand to mouth, nicotine content) everything is the best


Glycerine, Sucralose, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Nicotine (2mg or 3mg per Toothpick depending on flavor)

Will contain one or more of the following flavors/flavor combos: Spearmint Flavor / Cinnamon Flavor, Mocha Flavor, Peppermint Flavor / Watermelon Flavor, Sweet Whisky Flavor, Clove Flavor


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an extremely toxic and addictive substance. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, allergic to nicotine or any other listed ingredients, or if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or psychological disorders. You MUST be 21 years old or older to purchase this product. Age will be verified at checkout.