Zippix® | Mint-Melon (20 Nicotine Toothpicks)

Zippix® | Mint-Melon (20 Nicotine Toothpicks)

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Zippix: Really Great Tasting Nicotine Toothpicks. Nicotine toothpicks without the medicine mouth taste of other brands

Zippix is extremely proud to present Mint-Melon, our favorite creation. 

Launching better tasting flavors for nicotine toothpick lovers is what got us started in the nicotine toothpick business - and this Peppermint Melon flavor is exactly what we had in mind.  

Mint-melon is the most versatile of all our nicotine toothpick flavors, and the one we KNOW you're going to be reaching for most often. Mocha is great in the mornings, and while cinnamon is certainly more middle of the road - Mint-melon unifies two great flavors in a way that feels refreshing AND is something that you look forward to tasting.

It's a little fruity without being overbearing and minty enough to leave your mouth feeling fresh. (Can you tell we're proud of this one?)

We highly recommend giving it a try, we're sure you'll like it.  


Zippix Nicotine Toothpicks come with 20 nicotine toothpicks per pouch! 

Wonder how our toothpicks avoid the medicine mouth taste associated with ALL other nicotine toothpicks on the market?

Thank our nicotine toothpick pouches.

Our innovative (& PROPRIETARY - no peeking, competitors!) nicotine toothpick pouches are comfortable & ultra portable. 

Most importantly, they make sure that your nicotine toothpicks retain maximum freshness and never lose an ounce of the signature Zippix flavor. (Caused by our decision to infuse the nicotine AND the flavors under pressure.) 

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