Peppermint/Watermelon ZipEnergy® B12 + 30mg Caffeine Toothpicks

Peppermint/Watermelon ZipEnergy® B12 + 30mg Caffeine Toothpicks

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ZipEnergy Toothpicks do not contain nicotine.

Our Peppermint/Watermelon ZipEnergy® B12 + Caffeine Infused Toothpicks are the perfect way to get the energy boost you need! This flavor contains 30mg of Caffeine!

ZipEnergy® Caffeine Toothpicks:

  • Work great as a snack replacement - because they have zero calories and the peppermint/watermelon flavoring is an appetite suppressant.
  • Are perfect to use after meals - the Vitamin B12 in the caffeine toothpicks helps convert food to energy.
  • Can be used as a step-down from Zippix Nicotine Toothpicks.

Say goodbye to drowsy afternoons at work with ZipEnergy, and let the infused B12 and Caffeine power you through the day.  These ZipEnergy Toothpicks come in our delicious Peppermint/Watermelon Flavor.

ZipEnergy Toothpicks do not contain nicotine.

Try some ZipEnergy Caffeine Toothpicks today and say goodbye to that drowsy feeling!


Each of these Peppermint/Watermelon B12 + Caffeine toothpicks contain: 30mg of caffeine & 417% your recommended daily value of Vitamin B12. (25mcg)

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