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Zippix Deluxe Carry Tube

Zippix Deluxe Carry Tube


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Carry your Zippix in style with our Deluxe Carry Tube. These aluminum tubes feature a Mahogany wrap, and an air-tight rubber gasket seal to keep your toothpicks fresh and tasty. The keychain lid makes it easy to always keep track of your carry tube.

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Product Description

Go behind enemy lines. Venture to unique places where smokers, vapers and dippers are shunned, judged and exiled! Places like hospitals, conference rooms, flights, restaurants and even church! Fly under the radar and control your cravings with Zippix Nicotine Toothpicks!
Ingredients: Glycerine, Sucralose, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Nicotine (2mg or 3mg per Toothpick)
Will contain one of the following flavors/flavor combos: Spearmint Flavor / Cinnamon Flavor, Mocha Flavor, Peppermint Flavor / Watermelon Flavor, Sweet Whisky Flavor, Clove Flavor

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